Cleansing The Mind


This last week I've taken some time for myself to relax, dote around the house and refocus myself. I got myself a 90 minute massage and have been meditating.

I can only go 100 miles per hour for so long before I stop being able to concentrate and get things done. The last couple of months were difficult but I am finally relaxing and finding my center. I lead a pretty full life and the last year, I've started to lose some focus. I didn't have much of a vacation last year so I didn't have time to reset. I started not to enjoy much of anything I was doing. That is pretty bad.

The first thing is to clear my mind then take care of my body. Get on a normal exercise routine again and eat healthier. It's too easy for me to fall into bad habits when I am running thin on time.

My experiences getting a massage this week, meditating and actively trying to cleanse my mind of the stress which has led me to actually being physically affected, I imagined this image.

RISD Presentation

On Tuesday the 25th, I spent the day at Rhode Island School of Design working and talking with students.

My friend Mary Jane Begin invited me to speak to the Illustration Department's Portfolio students. I first spent a few hours in her Portfolio class. I then did a presentation of my work to the entire Senior class.

The students are really quite talented and also very charming. I received a few gifts and had some very lovely conversations. I am sure I will see them out in the world living their dreams as artists.

Thank you everyone for making the day so wonderful!

Keep Abortion Legal Poster


In between work, I've started creating various social justice posters. I am not creating them for any specific show but just to get the ideas and issues I am concerned about out of my head.

In this case, within a couple of hours of posting this poster, I was asked to have become part of a poster show traveling the world called 'Women's Rights are Human Rights' curated by Elizabeth Resnick. As of this month, it is being exhibited at the 360 Gallery at Northeastern University and in April, it will be going to the Warsaw Poster Museum in Poland. More exhibitions will be coming up.

Currently in the shop now, is an 18"x24" version in an edition of 100 for sale. Each poster hand numbered and signed. Profits from this poster will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Please visit for more information.

Long Island Pulse

A new piece for Long Island Pulse magazine and art directed by Marika Zervos.

In a geeky sort of way, I am delighted I got to do a job with them. It's a free magazine that I've seen around Long Island for years and years when I lived there. It's like a homecoming in a way.

The story was about preparing inheritances for your family before you pass away. I went with a more minimalistic direction with these paintings which ended up working well for the general layout of the magazine.

Another interesting tidbit was that the image above was supposed to be the full page and the one below a spot. The magazine decided to flip that. I don't mind and it did make visual sense but each was handled in a way that catered to the size they were going to be printed. I would have painted things a little differently. The original spot piece was to be square format. The original is below. This needed to be digitally adjusted for the vertical format of a standard page. No big deal.

As I mentioned, these and a few other jobs were a bit minimal. It is something I wanted to go back to for a little while. I've spent a few years really making my work dense with elements. I also wanted to challenge myself with white space and open area.

The image with the figure in it will be the next mailer going out in the next week.

The Last Novelist -

For the first release of of 2017, I did this painting for a short story called The Last Novelist written by Matthew Kressel. It's a wonderfully surreal story. I'll note it when it is released.

if you follow me on various social media, in particular, Instagram, you may have seen that I've been getting a little dirtier with my work. I used to be pretty loose with my art but over the last 10 years, I've gotten tighter and tighter. It's just my nature to over-work. I have to make a conscious effort to tear it down and loosen up again.

Here is a quick time-lapse of a spike being painted.

Society of NYC + Society of Los Angeles Annual Awards

The Universe! for Nautilus

The Universe! for Nautilus

Over the last month, I've gotten two notifications from the Society of Illustrators (New York) and the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles that I a total of seven pieces in these annuals including that I will be receiving a Bronze Medal from the Society of Los Angeles for this piece below.

It's an honor to have work selected for these shows. 

The Judge for The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles - Bronze Medal

The Judge for The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles - Bronze Medal

Virtual Reality - Portrait of Gwen Jorgenson

Virtual Reality - Portrait of Gwen Jorgenson

Portrait of Jan Hus for Liberty Magazine

Portrait of Jan Hus for Liberty Magazine

Opiates for Benefits Pro Magazine

Opiates for Benefits Pro Magazine

The Day I Tried To Live for the Society of Illustrators

The Day I Tried To Live for the Society of Illustrators

Sterilization - Personal Piece

Sterilization - Personal Piece

Wall Street Journal

This is a piece for the Wall Street Journal and art directed by Orlie Kraus. 

In pursuing my goals to continue to bring in more of my sketchbook work back into my art, I pushed for a more abstract solution to the problem.

The story is about the issues surrounding using sleeping pills for people who have insomnia and other sleep related issues. It goes into addiction and also the negative side effects of taking those pills.

I wanted to convey that feeling when someone who is sleep deprived. Confused. Staring blankly. The 'wall of sleep deprivation' becoming larger than him. 

Go to the story here.

Palette used when working on this piece.

Palette used when working on this piece.

Visiting the Maine College of Art

I visited the Maine College of Art not to do a lecture this time, but I was invited to review the illustration program. It is a small but incredibly vibrant school. The students are quite dedicated and I loved seeing their work and the program.

Once in a blue moon, I am invited to review an illustration program. It's a lot more busy work and not as satisfying because I don't get to spend as much time with students as I would if I was doing my usual guest speaking thing.

Still, being an educator, it is always interesting to meet other faculty and dig into programs to see what makes them tick and how they operate. Of course, the discussions usually go to curriculum and how to educate to make the best illustrators possible.

I was there for two days and unfortunately, I can't go into detail but it was a wonderful time. The students I did meet and had lunch with were incredibly kind and self-aware. The teachers are also very dedicated at this school. The facilities throughout the school are pretty amazing. If I had no life and unlimited funds, I'd cycle through all the programs just to use the equipment they have.

If you have a family up in Maine, I wouldn't pass up taking a look at the facilities if someone is thinking about attending a small art school in a very small town. For me, it would be too small but for someone used to living in very rural areas, this might be perfect.


I stayed an extra evening to visit the Portland Museum of Art and see the Matisse exhibition. I took a few photos but you can visit the website and see more of the Matisse work available there.

The ease of expression that comes from Matisse's work is amazing and effortless.

A nice surprise while I was there was a show dedicated to whale art called Of Whales in Paint that seem to have a hub with Rockwell Kent. There were quite a few Kent's on exhibit. I stole this photo without being caught because photos aren't allowed in the exhibition. It's rare to see original Rockwell Kent's out in the world so I was delighted. The sharpness, clarity and weight of the pieces are brilliant. More so in real life.

If you ever are thinking about Maine, this was a good time to go. There weren't very many tourists around and the city is manageable.