Ape - Tor.com


I created this painting ‘Ape’ for a short story cover once again working with Irene Gallo at Tor.com.

The story is a ‘futuristic murder mystery about detective partners—a human and an enhanced chimpanzee—who are investigating why a woman murdered an apparently random stranger on the subway.’

An underlying thread of story also took a look into what it meant to be different from others. The characters analyzed who they are and how they fit, or do not fit, in this futuristic world.

I wanted to portray the main character as he truly is and introspective but also disconnected with the human-esque science experiment that he became.

While I am not a science experiment, not that I am aware of, I often think about similar connections I have with people and some I don’t. How do I fit into society? Is there much more to our lives? Or truly, are we only meat, salt and sparks?

Personally, I think that pretty much is it.

The story will be released in June.

As a bonus, I filmed the process of creating this painting. You can watch it below or click over to YouTube and subscribe for more videos.

15x20 Film Experiment #2

This one I shot in the time of about 45 minutes and spent about 2 hours editing. This one was all about how quickly I could set up the shots, get the settings right to deal with the varying array of lighting situations and edit it down into something that I like.

Clearly, this one turned out better than the first attempt. I think it is because there was more motion in it but really, I figured out all the possible issues in the first one so when I started this one, it felt like it flowed much easier. Instead of spending so much time on settings, I put a little more time into making interesting compositions.

I'm not sure how many I am going to do. I am doing this based on my whims at the moment. Being on a month vacation right now is helping. I am ignoring anything to do with 'regular work'.

15x20 Film Experiment

These clips were filmed during an hour between 6:30am to 7:30am to capture the morning around the house. I enjoy the early morning and early evening 'magic hours' around the neighborhood.

There are many other variations of the 15x20 films (and other clip/time variations) and I wanted to use it to experiment and see what I can do in a short period of time. I equate it to the artist equivalent of a 'sketch-a-day' project. How quickly can I set up a general shot of anything, make it interesting and edit it in a way that has some sort of narrative.

What the 15x20 means is that it is 15 clips at 20 seconds each. They are edited back to back. The soundtrack is a little 'off' to the film because it is not edited to work with it but fortunately, there were key moments that the images and music linked randomly in a powerful way.

Normally, there isn't a soundtrack over these sorts of things. It's usually just the ambient sound and raw footage but I took it a few step forward to experiment with color grading and composing within a anamorphic 2.35:1 size.

Enjoy the experiment!

Rob Dunlavey Profile

For the last few years, I've been occasionally working on personal film and photography projects. Each project lent itself to learning more about various equipment and how to use them.

I met Rob through our association on Drawger and quickly started a friendship sharing sketchbooks and even working on one together. It was a fun and eye-opening challenge to work on the same art together. A few years later, I ended up moving up to Boston and we became closer friends. Rob has always interested me as an artist. His sketchbook work being the hub but also how he approaches his art and work.

Through my film experimentation, I thought I would further explore the documentary format that I started with the Kristina Carroll Profile film I did among other pieces. It's helped me learn how to work with the equipment but also learn how to work on projects in real time with external issues out of my control - weather and so on. Of course, this also gave me the opportunity to talk deeper with Rob about his life and work which was incredibly inspiring.

For this film, I wanted to show a few snippets of three major points. HIs 'free' sketchbook work; his illustration and children's book work; and his observational life drawing.

Dog - Tor

I am incredibly happy to work with Irene Gallo once again for Tor Books/Tor.com on this project. The painting is for a short story titled 'Dog' written by Bruce McAllister.


Below is a shot of a pencil sketch when I was working out the shapes of the dogs and a photo of the rig used to film. Below that is the final cover to be used for the short story.

Kristina Carroll Short Film

Over the course of the last year, I've been experimenting with filmmaking and photography and may start putting it out there in a real way at some point. I'm enjoying it for what it is right now which is mostly experimentation. Originally, this was supposed to be a test of some new equipment but after going through the footage, I thought there was enough to put together a short profile of Kristina Carroll. Since I was just asking her questions about what she was doing prior to deciding to go to School of Visual Arts, the film led to her describing how she eventually made her way to New York City from Montana via acting school prior to her decision to become an illustrator.

Kristina will have a table at the upcoming Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! event in Kansas City from May 9th through the 11th and will also be on a panel called 'Fantastic Women' where they will be discussing what it means to be a woman in the male dominated Science Fiction and Fantasy Art illustration business. Here is also a recent interview she did about that same topic. 

If you visit SFAL, stop by the booth! We'll both be hanging out, drawing and chatting it up.

Float (Time Lapse)

Float (Time Lapse) from Scott Bakal on Vimeo.

Float | Acrylic and Ink on Canvas | 30" x 40"

I filmed myself creating the 'Float' painting a while back with the intention of putting this together before I released the series of art is was associated with. As it happens sometimes, life gets in the way.

Finally, I was able to wrap my head around it and spend some time working on it. I did a video a couple of years ago for the SF Weekly piece I did but it was more of a test and was shot at incredibly low resolution.

To create the video, I used After Effects, Photoshop and Audition.

A special thanks to my friend Lucy for letting me use her song. Her new album under the name 'Luciar' titled "Feeling A Little Emo" will be available on Amazon & iTunes on October 2nd, 2012

Soundtrack: Song: Stillness Band: Elwood Emission Album: Ode to the Ego ©2009 A Few Little Notes (ASCAP)

Available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/ode-to-the-ego/id315263546

Available on Amazon: amazon.com/gp/product/B0029LSXZ2/ref=dm_dp_trk5?ie=UTF8&qid=1346008965&sr=8-1

More music from Luciar/Elwood Emission soundcloud.com/lucytoon