Maria Stephanos

I had the privilege to be asked to photograph one of Boston's most popular news anchors, Maria Stephanos. New photos were needed to go out with the announcement of her new anchor position at WCVB.

Maria was a delight to work with. She is kind, down to Earth and has incredible integrity and passion toward her work. I wish her the best of luck in her new endeavor.

Over the last couple of years, I've been experimenting with photography and keeping things close to the chest. I still feel I am learning about the process of working in photography and also, thinking about whether or not I should work in it a little more seriously. I love doing portraits so this is right up my alley. The Kim Boekbinder shoot was much more creative compared to this but that makes sense considering what this shoot was for.

I have plenty to keep me busy with illustration work so it's difficult to put the amount of time I want to into it but whenever I get a free moment, I pull out the camera and go for it.

I have other photo-based projects I am working on and I am excited to see where it goes. Now, back to painting....

Behind the scenes in the studio.

Behind the scenes in the studio.

Creative Quarterly - Kim Boekbinder Shoot

I am honored to have three photos awarded to be in the current issue of Creative Quarterly #38+39.

These are from one part of a '3-part' shoot I did with Kim Boekbinder when she came up to Boston to perform a show. Kim ended up staying with us at the house and had some time to work with her.

This part of the shoot, I wanted to tap into a couple of different parts of Kim as I see her. Kim is clearly a creative person and seems to always be trying a new exploration in music or art itself. I love that about her. The movement in these photos and seeing multiples of her symbolizes all the different creative aspects of who she is - she is one, but many. As a note, these 'superimposed' looking shots were all done in camera. No images were Photoshopped together. These came out as is.

The other side of her is her business savvy. Kim is an independent and doesn't rely on the support of a record label. She is completely fan supported. I grabbed one of my suits for this part of the shoot and thought with how interesting she visually looks, it would be a cool Yin & Yang of conservative business and creative experimentalist.

Kim is a great person and you should give her a listen. Thanks Kim!

Photo of Creative Quarterly

Photo of Creative Quarterly

Dog - Tor

I am incredibly happy to work with Irene Gallo once again for Tor Books/ on this project. The painting is for a short story titled 'Dog' written by Bruce McAllister.


Below is a shot of a pencil sketch when I was working out the shapes of the dogs and a photo of the rig used to film. Below that is the final cover to be used for the short story.

Hippie Chic at Boston's MFA

Both when I lived in New York and now starting my fifth year in Boston I am fortunate enough, somewhat by accident, to live near museums. And some pretty good ones. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts or the 'MFA' as it is locally called, is an impressive museum. When I moved here they just started expanding the footprint to add more galleries to show more art. The construction has been done for a few years and the exhibitions have not disappointed.

This is a panorama of one of the new areas at the MFA which contains a restaurant, a Chihuly 'column' which was commissioned by the museum when they had an exhibition of his work here a few years ago and down the stairs to the left or the right is the major special exhibit gallery. I had some lunch here in the cafe area and my main purpose here was to see the Hippie Chic exhibit in another part of the museum. I wanted a quiet day walking around a museum looking at art and thinking. I need that sometimes.

I am not a fashionista but I really enjoy fashion. I was probably more into it when I was in my 20's and being a bit more experimental. I wore weird things every now and again and accessorized with various colored hair. Over time, I just paired down my closet to your basic 'New York' black and blue fashions. Jeans and t-shirts and the like. Being an illustrator and living in the studio more and more over the years, fashion didn't really remain a necessity. I think I am trying to change it now.

This show peaked my interest because I've always loved the 60's era and loved the clothing from the 60's and into the 70's. In the 20th century, it was probably one of the most boldest time for fashion - and initially created by kids - the alterna-counter-culture of the time, it was really experimental. I think that's what I love about it most of all. Unfortunately, much of the fashion in the show is a reaction by high-end fashion designers to what was going on.

The bright colors and patterns I saw reminded me where some of my influences came from with my own art. While I love dark and black - the other side of my brain loves color and different combinations of odd colors. This show certainly fed my head with loads of ideas and thoughts not only about color but fashion and how much I saw the 60's in todays fashions. Patterns, boot cut pants, knee high boots, hair styles - I wonder if people realized that this era is still very much prominent in today's street fashion. At least that's what I see. I've actually noticed that the 80's ideals in fashion are starting to come back more and more. That scares me. ;o)

While the fashion here is a high-end version of what was actually being worn, it still inspired me on many levels with my artwork and other personal projects I work on. The largest inspiring moment for me with this show is the fearlessness to create. This is really some odd clothing. Fun. Expressive. Unapologetic.

Wouldn't we all like to be fearless in our work, whatever it is we do? Our fears hold us back from creating the work we want to - and need to. The fear is simply an insecurity in what others may think about what you end up doing. I say, wear that funky dress or jacket - makes those funky marks and allow the accidents and experiments to flow and expect failure but also expect something new to emerge. I found if I keep this attitude while working, the results are satisfying.

The exhibition is a smallish show and there could be so much more added to the show - but as it is, it's a wonderful peek into what fashion used to be but can certainly be inspiring for the now. And there is a great soundtrack in the gallery while you are there!

Hippie Chic at the MFA.

foto friday: Grasshopper

Nearby my house is a wonderful park, the Arnold Arboretum. I often go there for walks or runs and to spend some time recharging myself, paint and draw or to discover something new. It's a research area for botanicals so all the trees, plants and shrubbery are tagged. It is kept up by Harvard University and often, you will find students working somewhere in the arboretum performing tests and taking care of the grounds. As you would imagine, such a natural sanctuary brings many animals and insects to the area so there's always some sort of animal crossing your path.

While sitting on one of the benches, I noticed this guy sitting on one of the concrete supports for the bench sunning his or herself. It was exciting because this little guy didn't really budge and was so beautiful looking.

There was no zoom or filters used. This is a straight up shot with only a slight 3 point color saturation boost to make that green pop a little more.

Studio View

This is what it looks like when you stand in the middle of the room and spin around. You're lucky today - not so much of a mess can see the floor!

New Year's Eve Photoshoot

This was taken in Kristina's studio while she's working on reference shots of me she took this morning. We're both working on portraits of one another for a show in February. I don't know what she's up to but I need to start thinking about mine. The show is called 'Artist Couples' and our paintings of each other will hang side by side. Opening at the Lincoln Arts Project in Waltham.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year!