3x3 Pro Show Annual #9

A full page for my sequential work in the new 3x3 Pro Show Annual #9! I am always honored to be part of such a good book and this year, a nice redesign of the magazine! Congrats to everyone accepted and a special thank you to the judges!

Birth Control

This piece was created for Liberty Magazine and Art Director Bryan Gray. I've been working with him for years and love it because there are always very interesting stories to work on.

This piece is about the fairly recent uproar about hospitals of faith and giving women contraceptives.

A challenge I set up for myself over the last year is going out of my way to use new color combinations. I am doing this to try to test myself and find what works and what doesn't. I am not a scientist about it and often find myself experimenting right on the painting. I know, its risky but if it really doesn't work, I just paint it over again and again until I get it right.

I have to say with all the experimenting, yellow is the biggest pain in my ass. It's a hard color to use in part because its opacity is difficult to punch and requires layers to get the richness I like. Everything yellow in this piece is 2-3 coats. Psychologically, yellow is one of the most attractive colors to people but also being hard on the eyes, can be one of the most annoying. An interesting Yin and Yang with this color.

In this piece, I wanted to play with blues and yellows - one of the coolest colors with one of the warmest colors. I think this worked out well but I am sure I'll be doing more yellow paintings in the near future.

Float (Time Lapse)

Float (Time Lapse) from Scott Bakal on Vimeo.

Float | Acrylic and Ink on Canvas | 30" x 40"

I filmed myself creating the 'Float' painting a while back with the intention of putting this together before I released the series of art is was associated with. As it happens sometimes, life gets in the way.

Finally, I was able to wrap my head around it and spend some time working on it. I did a video a couple of years ago for the SF Weekly piece I did but it was more of a test and was shot at incredibly low resolution.

To create the video, I used After Effects, Photoshop and Audition.

A special thanks to my friend Lucy for letting me use her song. Her new album under the name 'Luciar' titled "Feeling A Little Emo" will be available on Amazon & iTunes on October 2nd, 2012

Soundtrack: Song: Stillness Band: Elwood Emission Album: Ode to the Ego ©2009 A Few Little Notes (ASCAP)

Available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/ode-to-the-ego/id315263546

Available on Amazon: amazon.com/gp/product/B0029LSXZ2/ref=dm_dp_trk5?ie=UTF8&qid=1346008965&sr=8-1

More music from Luciar/Elwood Emission soundcloud.com/lucytoon

Exhibition at Gallery360

On June 8th, my solo show in Boston's Gallery360 will be opening. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks finalizing paintings and getting them all ready.

This amazing poster was created by an amazing art director at SF Weekly that I have had the fortune to work with, Andrew Nilsen.

New Work for Tor.com

Most of my work over the years deals with current events and is largely based in some sort of reality. Jobs that come from a fantasy and fictional point of view are sometimes a nice releif to that. It gives me the chance to get lost in a world or visual that can go anywhere - like a girl sitting in a bathtub moments before she explodes the tub...with her mind!

As the jobs goes, Irene Gallo at Tor Books/Tor.com contacted me to do this job - and of course, I was thrilled to do it.

I loved the story, 'At the Foot of the Lighthouse' written by author and game designer Erin Hoffman. It was written with such wonderful visuals so it was easy to pick a powerful and surprising moment in the story to illustrate. Please visit Tor.com and give it a full read.

Working with Irene was pretty much what I expected from an art director who absolutely loves illustration and has worked with artists pretty much as long as I've been an illustrator myself - she picked a sketch idea and got out of the way. Her only art direction was to maybe take out the tower in the background unless I felt it needed to be in there. I took her advice.

The sketches to the left of the red line is what I actually sent her. Irene also agreed to pick the piece that I very subtly indicated in the image. I was originally going to send the ones on the right also but decided to crop that part off. It was just too many ideas really going nowhere. You have to cut out the fat and only give an art director what you want to paint.

Thank you Irene for the opportunity and thank you Erin Hoffman for writing such a cool and interesting story!

OC Weekly

This is the new cover for the OC Weekly that hit the stands this week.

If you were following me on Twitter last week, I was doing a 'Live Tweet Art Making Day' where I was filming and photographing the process. Unfortunately, all I am able to do is show bits and pieces because I need to keep most of the piece private until publication.

If you are interested in stalking, follow me on Twitter and see what silliness goes on around here.

A note: I'd also like to thank all the wonderful people out there in the world that link me and re-post some of my art on their sites like Tumblr. My traffic tracker picks up many of the links and I am really honored by the nice comments and the fact people will take the time to do so. The kindness and love and the idea that some folks list me as their inspiration is very humbling. Being a guy who just loves to paint and meander around creating stuff, this is a huge cherry on top and it doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you! I have to think of something to return the love....

Communication Arts & Creative Quarterly

This image created for Oxford American about the little known blues musician Henry Green has been honored by being accepted in the upcoming Communication Arts 53 and Creative Quarterly 27. Thank you to all the judges!

Below are two Runner Up images selected by Creative Quarterly.

Fear of Trees for Rethinking Schools

Explosion #1 was for a gallery exhibition called 'National Figures' at the William-Scott Gallery in Boston.