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UB Today Alumni MagazineArt Director: Rebecca Farnham

This painting is for a story about standing out among other colleges and universities in a very competitive time in our economy.

Rebecca honed in on the densely populated schools with a central one standing out but there was a feel that they may have been churches or elementary schools which I could understand. The newer, more modern schools were the way to go but I was concerned about them looking like banks. (Insert not-so-funny joke about the cost of tuition!)

In the end, I really enjoyed creating this piece and trying to make it work compositionally even if it's rather simple. The layout worked out well.

Thumbnail sketches.

First final 'too church-y' version rough.

Second final rough which was used to go to final.

Final painting.

Portrait of Tara

For the month of February, my significant other Kristina Carroll created a 'challenge' called Month of Love. She invited about 20 illustrators to join in and every day, create a piece of art that revolves around the theme of 'love'. There was some amazing results.

Unfortunately, because of being overloaded with paying work, the daily job of creating an image for the site took a back seat for me. At least I got to watch some amazing artists come through with very cool work.

This image above is a portrait of my friend Tara Jacoby who was also part of the Month of Love group. The last day of the challenge, we were all assigned a different member to create a portrait of.  Tara has been a long time friend and it was wonderful to get the opportunity to paint her.

Alien Pencils

These were to be part of my solo show last year that I decided to pull out at the last minute. I didn't think they worked well with all of the other art at the time. I came across the scans recently going through my files as I am switching into a new computer. I am still not sure what they are going to be for but most likely part of a larger series down the road if I decide to continue exploring it. Still, I thought I'd share even though they are a bit far off than what I normally do but maybe it'll take me down a new path somewhere. At any rate, I am fond of the results. At the time, I just wanted to work in pencil again and get back into the zen of rendering for a while. Also, now that I think about it, it gave me an opportunity to figure out how these guys wobbly limbs functioned.

All Untitled | 8.5 x 11 | Graphite on Found Paper

Pasadena Book

I found 10 copies of an old book I produced called Pasadena (and various drawings from sketchbooks 10 & 11). I've made them available in my shop. Click the link to be transported there to see some shot of some pages and more information.

Pasadena Book!