Liberty Magazine Series

Over the last few years, I've been fortunate enough to get work that involves doing a series of paintings. This has been a nice turn. Usually, it's the one-off piece which is great but at times, it's so much fun to dig into a project and see how far I can go within a single idea.

Long-time client, Bryan Gray called me for this one saying that this particular job was made for me. I'd agree. Fire! I get so much pleasure out of creating those sorts of patterns, shapes and lines. This job was one of my favorites in a long while. Thanks Bryan!

In this post are all of the spreads for the series. To see the individual paintings a bit more up close, visit my portfolio to see larger versions of the work.

50 Towers Exhibition

I was privileged to be asked by SooJin and Chris Buzelli (Thank you guys!) to take part in this group exhibit in NYC. It's been great to see all the towers being made by all the other fabulous artists invited. If you can, please make it to the opening where you'll get to see all of these amazing creations.

You can find out information here at Boundless Brooklyn.

The Way It Is Exhibition

This Thursday, my exhibit 'The Way It Is' will open at the Quimby Gallery at Lyndon College in Vermont. I will be giving a lecture right after the opening - and both the exhibit and lecture are open to the public.

This year at the college is the 'Year of Social Justice' so all the work I will have on exhibit will be work that I've done in the past that focused on various social issues.

I will also be doing demos and was asked to advise on the illustration department and it's goals moving forward. I look forward to meeting all the faculty and students!

A very special thanks for Barclay Tucker, who organized the entire day and helped make everything happen.

Rob Dunlavey Profile

For the last few years, I've been occasionally working on personal film and photography projects. Each project lent itself to learning more about various equipment and how to use them.

I met Rob through our association on Drawger and quickly started a friendship sharing sketchbooks and even working on one together. It was a fun and eye-opening challenge to work on the same art together. A few years later, I ended up moving up to Boston and we became closer friends. Rob has always interested me as an artist. His sketchbook work being the hub but also how he approaches his art and work.

Through my film experimentation, I thought I would further explore the documentary format that I started with the Kristina Carroll Profile film I did among other pieces. It's helped me learn how to work with the equipment but also learn how to work on projects in real time with external issues out of my control - weather and so on. Of course, this also gave me the opportunity to talk deeper with Rob about his life and work which was incredibly inspiring.

For this film, I wanted to show a few snippets of three major points. HIs 'free' sketchbook work; his illustration and children's book work; and his observational life drawing.

3x3 + Society of Illustrators Annuals

I recently received the newest 3x3 Illustration Annual and I am proud that my X-Ray Glasses image for the CREEPYPASTA zine was one of the images selected to be part of it.

This painting was also featured in the recent Society of Illustrators Book and Editorial exhibition and will be printed in the next annual coming in late 2015 - as well as the Vancouver Opera poster series and the Seven Commentaries series. The photo below was taken at the Book + Editorial exhibit at the Society of Illustrators.

Thank you 3x3, Charles Hively, Sarah Munt and all of the judges.

 Photo by: Jensine Eckwall

Photo by: Jensine Eckwall