Boston Globe Series

In this Sunday's Boston Globe, I was honored to be asked by Creative Director Greg Klee to create work for the cover and full page interior spreads for the Magazine. It's a rarity that illustration is used so heavily like this in the magazine so I consider it an incredible honor that they have trusted me to create work for it. Even more, except for some back and forth with a couple of images for minor issues on wether something would read or not, I was pretty much given full latitude to create the art in both idea and esthetic as I pleased.

I am thrilled with the outcome and how the pieces were used. Thank you to Greg and the Boston Globe for asking me to work on the project.

Below are some sketches and process photos during the project. The nature of newspapers being such as it is, the deadline for the project was quite tight. I negotiated a few extra days bringing the deadline a day or two before Thanksgiving but between this job and the others I had already accepted, I didn't leave my painting table for a good couple of weeks.