Cleansing The Mind


This last week I've taken some time for myself to relax, dote around the house and refocus myself. I got myself a 90 minute massage and have been meditating.

I can only go 100 miles per hour for so long before I stop being able to concentrate and get things done. The last couple of months were difficult but I am finally relaxing and finding my center. I lead a pretty full life and the last year, I've started to lose some focus. I didn't have much of a vacation last year so I didn't have time to reset. I started not to enjoy much of anything I was doing. That is pretty bad.

The first thing is to clear my mind then take care of my body. Get on a normal exercise routine again and eat healthier. It's too easy for me to fall into bad habits when I am running thin on time.

My experiences getting a massage this week, meditating and actively trying to cleanse my mind of the stress which has led me to actually being physically affected, I imagined this image.