CMYK Judge

I was honored to be asked by Curtis Parker, publisher of CMYK Magazine to judge the Student Illustration competition in the current issue on stands now.

For the last 6 years, I've chaired the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition and facilitated the judging, the judges have such a difficult task. In recent weeks, I've been asked to judge this show and also the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles show in which I judged both the professional and student categories.

As a teacher I 'judge' work all the time and instruct students how to attempt to improve their work. In this case, I am judging finals and knowing that artists may not make it into the show based upon my decisions weighs heavily and forces me to take this process very seriously. It's a tough task especially when I have to take 200+ images and bring it down to about 30 as was the case with CMYK. There was a lot of great work that just didn't make it and if I have 31 slots available, someone else may have made it in. For those who didn't make the cut, do yourself a favor and keep trying. There was a lot of great work that I would've included but simply, there wasn't enough space.

Thank you to CMYK, Curtis (thanks for the kind note) and Ron Cala II who is Creative Director there and congratulations to all the student featured in the magazine. Good luck into the future and keep making great art!