foto friday: Grasshopper

Nearby my house is a wonderful park, the Arnold Arboretum. I often go there for walks or runs and to spend some time recharging myself, paint and draw or to discover something new. It's a research area for botanicals so all the trees, plants and shrubbery are tagged. It is kept up by Harvard University and often, you will find students working somewhere in the arboretum performing tests and taking care of the grounds. As you would imagine, such a natural sanctuary brings many animals and insects to the area so there's always some sort of animal crossing your path.

While sitting on one of the benches, I noticed this guy sitting on one of the concrete supports for the bench sunning his or herself. It was exciting because this little guy didn't really budge and was so beautiful looking.

There was no zoom or filters used. This is a straight up shot with only a slight 3 point color saturation boost to make that green pop a little more.