Long Island Pulse

A new piece for Long Island Pulse magazine and art directed by Marika Zervos.

In a geeky sort of way, I am delighted I got to do a job with them. It's a free magazine that I've seen around Long Island for years and years when I lived there. It's like a homecoming in a way.

The story was about preparing inheritances for your family before you pass away. I went with a more minimalistic direction with these paintings which ended up working well for the general layout of the magazine.

Another interesting tidbit was that the image above was supposed to be the full page and the one below a spot. The magazine decided to flip that. I don't mind and it did make visual sense but each was handled in a way that catered to the size they were going to be printed. I would have painted things a little differently. The original spot piece was to be square format. The original is below. This needed to be digitally adjusted for the vertical format of a standard page. No big deal.

As I mentioned, these and a few other jobs were a bit minimal. It is something I wanted to go back to for a little while. I've spent a few years really making my work dense with elements. I also wanted to challenge myself with white space and open area.

The image with the figure in it will be the next mailer going out in the next week.