OC Weekly

This is the new cover for the OC Weekly that hit the stands this week.

If you were following me on Twitter last week, I was doing a 'Live Tweet Art Making Day' where I was filming and photographing the process. Unfortunately, all I am able to do is show bits and pieces because I need to keep most of the piece private until publication.

If you are interested in stalking, follow me on Twitter and see what silliness goes on around here.

A note: I'd also like to thank all the wonderful people out there in the world that link me and re-post some of my art on their sites like Tumblr. My traffic tracker picks up many of the links and I am really honored by the nice comments and the fact people will take the time to do so. The kindness and love and the idea that some folks list me as their inspiration is very humbling. Being a guy who just loves to paint and meander around creating stuff, this is a huge cherry on top and it doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you! I have to think of something to return the love....