Skulls of Ultimate Death at Every Day Original!

Exclusively at Every Day Original, my Skulls of Ultimate Death original paintings will come available for purchase. This one, 'Red Flaming Death!' will be the first and wil be available precisely at 10am EST on July 19th.

Skulls of Ultimate Death started with my reflection of so many people in my life that have passed away instigated by the loss of my Mother...then my Uncle a few months later and my cousin of the same age a few months ago. All within two years. It was an outlet for me in my sketchbooks which eventually became a zine and now a series of small paintings which will only be on sale at Every Day Original.. 

As a kid and artist, I've always loved skulls. They're just so cool. There is a bit of tongue and cheek to these paintings as well. Like whistling past the graveyard at night, hoping that the scary monsters of death aren't real. There is something powerful about the visual interior of our humanity. If our faces are life, then our skulls beneath show us death.

Please visit the new website which will be updated regularly with sketchbook skulls, paintings and anything related.