Society Annual Book 55


I finally received my copy of the Society of Illustrators Illustration Annual 55!  I am so honored that the judges felt so strongly to include so much of my work in this year's book.

Sometimes, it is hard to take in things like this. I remember when I first started staring dreamy eyed into my copies of the Society Annuals and wondering if I would ever have the fortune to get accepted into such a prestigious book. I was such a fan then of so many artists and am still a fan of current artists now, that every time I am included, it makes me light up and be extremely grateful.

I think part of my surprise every year is that for the first 10 years of my career, I never really got these sorts of recognitions. Partly because I never really entered (duh) but when I did, I probably didn't enter enough...and I am honest with myself; I really sucked. I was still figuring out myself and my place in art for a long time.

A very special thanks to the Society and all the judges! :o)

Here's a snapshot of the Pollution Series hanging at the Society. Unfortunately, it seems not all of my paintings made it into the book that were accepted. I assume for space reasons. I didn't get around to taking shots of the Air Force paintings.