Gwen Jorgensen and VR

A few weeks ago, I periodically watched the Olympics. It's interesting to watch people physically push themselves to such limits. They dedicate their lives to a few moments on a track or an action just to get it perfect that one time that counts.

I decided to watch the Women's Triathlon. A friend of mine did an Iron Man which is similar but more excruciating it seems, so I was interested in checking out an Olympic version. 

The swim and the bike races moved along with bits of competitiveness here and there. It seemed everyone was pacing themselves. I did learn a lot from the commentators about the various racers, in particular, Gwen Jorgensen. Gwen had lost the Triathlon during the last Olympics because of a flat tire but she also psyched herself out which made the rest of the race for her a shit-show.

For 2016, she trained for the biking portion using VR of the route which helped her focus her energy and mind more on the race. That is what inspired this painting.

Gwen ended up winning the Triathlon by a large margin and was the first American woman to win it in an Olympics. You can search around the internets for more information.