Creative Quarterly - Kim Boekbinder Shoot

I am honored to have three photos awarded to be in the current issue of Creative Quarterly #38+39.

These are from one part of a '3-part' shoot I did with Kim Boekbinder when she came up to Boston to perform a show. Kim ended up staying with us at the house and had some time to work with her.

This part of the shoot, I wanted to tap into a couple of different parts of Kim as I see her. Kim is clearly a creative person and seems to always be trying a new exploration in music or art itself. I love that about her. The movement in these photos and seeing multiples of her symbolizes all the different creative aspects of who she is - she is one, but many. As a note, these 'superimposed' looking shots were all done in camera. No images were Photoshopped together. These came out as is.

The other side of her is her business savvy. Kim is an independent and doesn't rely on the support of a record label. She is completely fan supported. I grabbed one of my suits for this part of the shoot and thought with how interesting she visually looks, it would be a cool Yin & Yang of conservative business and creative experimentalist.

Kim is a great person and you should give her a listen. Thanks Kim!

Photo of Creative Quarterly

Photo of Creative Quarterly

15x20 Film Experiment #2

This one I shot in the time of about 45 minutes and spent about 2 hours editing. This one was all about how quickly I could set up the shots, get the settings right to deal with the varying array of lighting situations and edit it down into something that I like.

Clearly, this one turned out better than the first attempt. I think it is because there was more motion in it but really, I figured out all the possible issues in the first one so when I started this one, it felt like it flowed much easier. Instead of spending so much time on settings, I put a little more time into making interesting compositions.

I'm not sure how many I am going to do. I am doing this based on my whims at the moment. Being on a month vacation right now is helping. I am ignoring anything to do with 'regular work'.

15x20 Film Experiment

These clips were filmed during an hour between 6:30am to 7:30am to capture the morning around the house. I enjoy the early morning and early evening 'magic hours' around the neighborhood.

There are many other variations of the 15x20 films (and other clip/time variations) and I wanted to use it to experiment and see what I can do in a short period of time. I equate it to the artist equivalent of a 'sketch-a-day' project. How quickly can I set up a general shot of anything, make it interesting and edit it in a way that has some sort of narrative.

What the 15x20 means is that it is 15 clips at 20 seconds each. They are edited back to back. The soundtrack is a little 'off' to the film because it is not edited to work with it but fortunately, there were key moments that the images and music linked randomly in a powerful way.

Normally, there isn't a soundtrack over these sorts of things. It's usually just the ambient sound and raw footage but I took it a few step forward to experiment with color grading and composing within a anamorphic 2.35:1 size.

Enjoy the experiment!


Len Small from Nautilus emailed me and asked me to do a project on the subject of Dark Matter and searching for answers in all the new data on our universe - even putting into question the Big Bang Theory. I'm a science geek which led me to live in euphoria while I was working on this project.

The first image is the opener which can now be seen as the splash page of the website and first image of the magazine. The 'Universe Waterfall' is used as the end-cover.

The last image which was to look like the waterfall picked up from the main waterfall image I made running down the gutter of the magazine. Unfortunately, the article was cut so this one wasn't used.

It was a blast to work with such a great and enthusiastic art director and be able to do a project that aligns with my interests.

Skulls of Ultimate Death at Every Day Original!

Exclusively at Every Day Original, my Skulls of Ultimate Death original paintings will come available for purchase. This one, 'Red Flaming Death!' will be the first and wil be available precisely at 10am EST on July 19th.

Skulls of Ultimate Death started with my reflection of so many people in my life that have passed away instigated by the loss of my Mother...then my Uncle a few months later and my cousin of the same age a few months ago. All within two years. It was an outlet for me in my sketchbooks which eventually became a zine and now a series of small paintings which will only be on sale at Every Day Original.. 

As a kid and artist, I've always loved skulls. They're just so cool. There is a bit of tongue and cheek to these paintings as well. Like whistling past the graveyard at night, hoping that the scary monsters of death aren't real. There is something powerful about the visual interior of our humanity. If our faces are life, then our skulls beneath show us death.

Please visit the new website which will be updated regularly with sketchbook skulls, paintings and anything related.


Women, medically, have much more complex issues on a day-to-day basis than I would ever have. I did this image because of the political-social stance of part of our nation to make women's health issues more difficult to discover, diagnose and treat.

Stay healthy!