Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

My new painting for the story "The Ghosts of Christmas" by Paul Cornell was just released today at! Working with Tor and good friend Irene Gallo is always wonderful - and I loved Paul's new story.

I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone that takes time out of their lives to stop here and visit a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays or whatever-you-believe-in sort of thing. Be safe and hope that you're smiling through the New Year into 2013!

CMYK Judge

I was honored to be asked by Curtis Parker, publisher of CMYK Magazine to judge the Student Illustration competition in the current issue on stands now.

For the last 6 years, I've chaired the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition and facilitated the judging, the judges have such a difficult task. In recent weeks, I've been asked to judge this show and also the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles show in which I judged both the professional and student categories.

As a teacher I 'judge' work all the time and instruct students how to attempt to improve their work. In this case, I am judging finals and knowing that artists may not make it into the show based upon my decisions weighs heavily and forces me to take this process very seriously. It's a tough task especially when I have to take 200+ images and bring it down to about 30 as was the case with CMYK. There was a lot of great work that just didn't make it and if I have 31 slots available, someone else may have made it in. For those who didn't make the cut, do yourself a favor and keep trying. There was a lot of great work that I would've included but simply, there wasn't enough space.

Thank you to CMYK, Curtis (thanks for the kind note) and Ron Cala II who is Creative Director there and congratulations to all the student featured in the magazine. Good luck into the future and keep making great art!

American Illustration + Society of Illustrators

I just received my copy of the new American Illustration book and I am honored to have five pages in the annual! American illustration has always been a book that seems to show the real 'alternative' side of illustration - the work that really tries to push the boundaries of what can be very traditional. Odd techniques, taboo subjects and experimental development of compositions and finishes all constantly intrigued me with every new book.

It is also and extremely difficult book to gain acceptance into and I consider myself very lucky to have such a showing in this book - especially with work that is very personal and experimental to me.

Also, I am doubly honored to get a total of 15 pieces selected to be part of the upcoming Society of Illustrators annual show. I've got most of them framed now and will have to drive them down to New York myself. They are just too big and costly to ship. My Air Force art was selected to be part of the show but unfortunately I believe its at the Pentagon and trying to get in touch with someone to get it back to New York has been difficult - so that work may not end up being exhibited.

UPDATE: Yes! The complete Air Force series is being shipped up from the Pentagon and will be on view next month at the Society!

Thank you to all the judges!

Post It Show 8 - Giant Robot

Once again, I was honored to be invited to participate in one of my favorite shows of the year at Giant Robot called the Post-It show. Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson, a couple of my favorite artists asked me again to submit work. I think this may be the 5th Post-It show I've done.

What I love about the show and creating art for it is the freedom to experiment. I often find new ways to express my ideas and new elements to incorporate into my work. I titled this the 'Dense' series. Lately with my experimental and professional work, I've been interested in tight design ideas. I've been enjoying trying to fit various elements together in tight formation. They are often off-the-cuff and not planned out which makes it even more fun to do.

Good luck to all the artists participating and I hope to make it to the opening.

All of these are on 6" x 6" Post-Its. Acrylic and Ink.

POST IT SHOW EIGHT December 8-16, 2012

Over 260 Artists! Over 2000 Post Its!

Cash & CarryOpening Reception: Saturday, December 8, 2012 6:30 - 10:00 PM GR2 2062 Sawtelle Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90025

American Lawyer

This example of obsession and patience was created for The American Lawyer magazine. I've worked with them a few times and always have a good time doing work with them.

This time around, I had a bit of an extended deadline - really only a couple of days more than normal - so when the idea of creating a cityscape was developed, I thought it would be neat to really get into pushing the 'density' envelope with the city. It took quite some time and some wrist exercises to loosen me up every now and again but I am pretty happy with not only the results of the painting but how it was used.

Last week, I brought this original piece to a lecture I was asked to give at the Art Institute of Boston last week and just so you know, there are 298 buildings in this image. I only know this from a student that counted all of them during the lecture. The student wanted me to make sure I knew that was 'approximately 298' because she wasn't sure if some of the buildings were connected to one another or not. How delightfully awesome is that?

foto friday: Grasshopper

Nearby my house is a wonderful park, the Arnold Arboretum. I often go there for walks or runs and to spend some time recharging myself, paint and draw or to discover something new. It's a research area for botanicals so all the trees, plants and shrubbery are tagged. It is kept up by Harvard University and often, you will find students working somewhere in the arboretum performing tests and taking care of the grounds. As you would imagine, such a natural sanctuary brings many animals and insects to the area so there's always some sort of animal crossing your path.

While sitting on one of the benches, I noticed this guy sitting on one of the concrete supports for the bench sunning his or herself. It was exciting because this little guy didn't really budge and was so beautiful looking.

There was no zoom or filters used. This is a straight up shot with only a slight 3 point color saturation boost to make that green pop a little more.

3x3 Pro Show Annual #9

A full page for my sequential work in the new 3x3 Pro Show Annual #9! I am always honored to be part of such a good book and this year, a nice redesign of the magazine! Congrats to everyone accepted and a special thank you to the judges!